barth Innenausbau Interni
• Certification ISO 9001
• Certification ISO 45001
• Certification FSC-STD-40-004 for Chain of Custody
• Certification PEFC ST 2002
• Qualification S.O.A. category 0S6 Klass. IV

Customer satisfaction always comes first for barth, because we believe that a company can only succeed if it focuses its efforts on the personal requirements of the customer.

ISO certification 9001 assesses and certifies the management system of a given company. The management and quality control system facilitates both company management – enabling objectives to be defined precisely – as well as the continuous improvement of the company.
The ISO 45001 standard regulates the requirements in the area of safety and health at work and naturally also refers to national regulations. With the certification according to ISO 45001 the company health management is combined with occupational safety and health protection.
FSC® and PEFC are forest certification systems, whose aim is the sustainable management of forests - ecological, economical and social. The requirements of the Chain of Custody also ensure that the product has been fabricated with materials from sustainable forest management.
S.O.A. qualification attests the effective capacity of a company -functional and organizationally - to execute public works, in particular following competences: technical coordination of works, economical-financial management, knowledge of all technical and administrative norms concerning execution of public works.