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Pisa Orologeria, Milan - all interior finishings 3 floors, basement floor, terrace:

  • sales tables
  • counter in V-shaped panelling in Canaletto wood
  • round furniture made of solid walnut strips and leather top
  • round furniture with travertine panelling and fluting
  • wall display cases, niches
  • Canaletto wood shelving element with horizontal shelves
  • wall panelling of burnished mirror with walnut slats glued directly onto the mirror
  • wall claddings in marble, burnished brass, walnut wood
  • light box element with image of the "Milan skyline"
  • wardrobe, storage furniture, sliding door
  • staircase with lacquered parapets, handrails in solid walnut, curved glass balustrade, balustrade with V-shaped interior panelling
  • wooden and brass ceiling
  • travertine floor
  • furnishing exterior shop window

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