barth Innenausbau Interni
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Natural History Museum, Oslo - furnishings and graphics for 7 new permanent exhibitions:

  • drawer furniture elements with different dimensions
  • table furniture partly with built-in showcases
  • high showcases with housing for media
  • table with sliding touch screens, interactive table with touch screen
  • ensemble of two spherical showcases and a theme text panel on a round steel base
  • pedestals, pedestal island and showcases for big exhibits with dimensions up to 5 m length
  • pedestal for artificial tree
  • big seating elements L 4000 x W 1500 x H 450 mm
  • 3D globe models
  • entrance and exit portals in the crystal cave, 3-dimensional construction of artificial cave wall
  • asymmetrically shaped exhibition elements with built-in showcases
  • dry wall, suspended ceilings, flooring incl. substructure of steel beam
  • glass balustrade for bridge in the crystal cave

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